A Few Words

About Us


A Few Words About Us

SMX was started in 2016, by Dave Sorensen, in Winthrop WA.  Initially, we focused on Butane/Propane extraction for other I502 processors who don’t have their own extraction facilities.  We soon began learning the intricacies of short path distillation, and added distillation services to our offering, engaging in processor to processor business for several years.

Eventually, selling directly to retail stores became a natural progression and we launched a high end Live Resin brand; Inhale by SMX.


Around the same time, we were offered the opportunity to acquire the well established vape cartridge brand, Pearl Extracts.  Pearl was started in 2015 in West Seattle, with a similar vision of focusing on sustainably produced, environmentally friendly, Clean Green cannabis. They had been sourcing from many of the same farms, and that natural synergy made it a simple decision. We are pleased to continue that tradition, offering the cleanest, tastiest distillate cartridges available anywhere.

The latest addition to our offerings is edibles! We’re pleased to be the sole distributor of Washington’s newest line of Infused Chocolates: Peak Confections. These dangerously tasty treats are a true Bean-To-Bar chocolate, handmade by our partners in small batches, with the highest quality single source beans and vegan, organic ingredients.

We’re very excited about the progress we have made in the I-502 world and looking forward to adding many awesome new products in the next few years.

Modern Equipment

We use Propane/Butane dominant solvent blends for our extraction. These solvents are byproducts of the petroleum refining industries and are widely accepted as the state of the art for clean, solvent extraction. Our solvents are highly refined and do not contain the smelly mercaptans you are used to in your bbq. Our equipment is a closed loop extractor; this means we recover 90% (or better) of the solvent used for each run, for reuse. All part of our desire to give you the most environmentally friendly cannabis products possible.

Our distillate is carefully produced using Summit Short path distillation equipment, carefully separating the cannabinoids from the plant fats and naturally occurring flavonoids to give you the highest possible levels of purity. After that, we reintroduce our cannabis derived terpenes which we previously collected during the extraction process so that your vapor cartridge tastes just like nature intended. 

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