Premium Extracts

what we provide
Studhorse Mtn Xtracts provides top quality extraction for the i502 market.

From sugar wax to terp sauce, to live resin, we are equipped to turn great flower into top shelf concentrates.

Our facilities are designed and ran by industry experts, bringing you the highest quality B.H.O. with absolutely zero left over solvents.

We operate a Co2 and Distillation lab dedicated to creating the cleanest Distillate on the Washington market. 

With our Distillate we are setup to partner with some of the industries top edible brands. With so many options on the market, we’re able to align ourselves to bring you great product at costs across the board.

Our premium distillate has garnered a reputation of itself, attracting partnerships with a top brand “Peal Extracts”. This partnership allows us to utilize their great brand and hardware pared with our premium distillate giving you a premium experience.

permium bho

inhale by SMX brings you top quality extracts at an affordable price!


Inhale by SMX provides only the highest of quality BHO's to your purchase. With extra precautions we ensure there are ZERO leftover solvents.

Flavor Profile

Using the only the best products, we're able to create some of your favorite products for prices you can afford.


Our products are consistent time and time again, so you can rest assured your next purchase will be just as good as the last.

premium vape pens
Since 2015, we've crafted small batch cannabis extracts from our family owned facilities.

We use real cannabis terpenes and 100% of our material is sourced from Washington State farms. Our promise is true cannabis aroma and effect because we add nothing else. It’s just cannabis. 

aka High Terpene Extract/H.T.E.

​​Starting with freshly frozen flower, the cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted separately. These components are re-infused at about 30% terpenes to 70% cannabinoids.

Sauce provides the full spectrum of each strain along with an intense, 100% cannabis derived burst of flavor.

Ultra refined for heightened THC content and exceptional clarity.

The terpenes are extracted from a single phenotype harvest ensuring a flavor that is true to the original plant genetics.

From time to time we will mix strains to bring a unique flavor profile to the market. The terpenes are derived from a variety of different cannabis strains. We do this to create robust and smooth flavor profiles.

  • Strawberry Oat Milk
  • Banana Rum Pecan
  • Coconut Latte
  • Sea Salt

Recreational cannabis edibles should always be crafted with the highest quality ingredients. That’s why we source our nibs from select regions of the world to provide you with the best chocolate edible experience to date.

Anyone can source cacao. Our knowledge of farming and managing a plantation allows us to help the farmer in way that other buyers do not. This support and respect that we share with the farmer creates a trust and loyalty relation that is reflected in the product the farmer delivers to us. 

premium chocolates
top quality plant-based edibles

Using all organic ingredients, Peak strives to produce the highest quality chocolate edibles on the market. Bringing single origin cacao beans from all across the world to create quality base chocolate from scratch, Peak strives to bring amazing quality products to the Washington Market.